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Our Services

Our grooming services include:

Manicures and PETicures
Ear Cleansing 
Full Bath
Fluff Drying and Timed Safety Dryers
Hand Scissor Clipping
Anal Glad Expression


Do I need to schedule an appointment in advance?  
Making a pet grooming appointment ahead of time ensures that you (and, more importantly, your pet) aren’t kept waiting any longer than necessary. Weekends tend to be especially busy, so appointments are highly recommended on both Fridays and Saturdays (we are CLOSED on Sundays). We’re happy to take walk-ins when we have availability.

What vaccinations are required?  
We do require all pets to be current on their rabies vaccinations. Puppies and kittens between eight weeks and four months of age may receive services in the salon without vaccinations. All pets must be in good health prior to receiving any grooming services in our shop.

How long will it take? 
The amount of time it takes for pet grooming varies by breed and service, but you can usually plan on it taking up to four hours. Express service can be arranged upon request. Minor services, such as dog nail trims, take only a few minutes.

Do you kennel dry? 
Yes … we do kennel dry most dogs. We always towel dry first to minimize the amount of time spent in the kennel. If you have any questions about our policy, please be sure to speak with the Groomer when booking your grooming appointment. 

Will my pet be kenneled? 
Yes… Pets are cared for in our kennels. We keep kennel time as minimal as possible and there is always someone on hand to watch your pets.  For your pets safety maximum heat settings are NEVER used in kennel dryers.

Why aren’t prices listed for dog grooming and bathing? 
Pet grooming prices are based on breed, condition of coat and time taken to complete the service. While we can do our best to provide an approximate price range over the phone, you’ll get the most accurate quote if we can assess your pet in person. 

Do you groom cats? 
Yes, we do groom cats, but only on certain days. Please call our store for more information and available CAT grooming appointments.

Can I stay and watch my pet being groomed? 
Yes. One of the nice things about having your pet groomed at Anita’s is that of our Salon has an open work area, allowing you to comfortably watch your dog or cat grooming process. For the safety of pets, however, we do not allow Pet Owners to assist with grooming or stay in the kennel or bathing area. 

Will my pet be sedated? 
We never sedate pets. We would prefer that you do NOT sedate your pet before bringing them for grooming.  If your pet has strong behavioral reactions to grooming or bathing, please advise us when dropping off. If a pet is truly uncooperative or made uncomfortable by the process, we might end the session – but we will never sedate your pet.

"My chocolate lab (Russ ) loves the place and they always leave my dog shiny and clean but most of all happy!"
"Anita's pet grooming has been around for a very long time for a reason.  They have a very high degree of care, compassion and knowledge for animals.  And you'll never feel overcharged for their services because they are so reasonable. They really live up to their motto - "We have a warm heart for cold noses."

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"Jennie the owner loves dogs, cats and most other animals and gives them all the best possible service."
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